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Our Story

In 2019, my best friend, Mischka, was diagnosed with a terminal and aggressive form of cancer. The kind that couldn’t be treated with medication. All doctors said there was no hope and that she’ll have five months to live. They said if she was to last one year, it would be a miracle. 

Two months before she was diagnosed, I was introduced to Theta healing, a powerful modality that enables us to heal ourselves and others using the energy of unconditional love. Fascinated by it, I’ve decided to take the course and became a certified Theta healer. 

Hung on my last string of hope, I turned to Theta healing to try and save her. Every day, for fifteen minutes, I’ve dedicated time to try and heal Mischka. Miraculously, within just a few weeks, Mischka’s tumor completely disappeared. 

Overjoyed by her recovery, I mistakenly stopped the healing, only to witness the tumor return a year later, accompanied by two swelling lumps in her throat. My wife kept insisting I resume the healing, and I did. As a result, the tumor began to shrink again, and the lumps disappeared entirely.

Mischka went on to live an additional four years, defying all expectations.
Her story is a testament to the incredible power of Theta Healing and the resilience of the canine spirit.

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