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Inspired by the extraordinary story of Mischka- the pug who beat terminal cancer with the remarkable power of Theta Healing

Our Story

In 2019, my best friend, Mischka, was diagnosed with a terminal and aggressive form of cancer. The kind that couldn’t be treated with medication. 

All doctors said there was no hope and that she’ll have five months to live. They said if she was to last one year, it would be a miracle. 

Two months before she was diagnosed, I was introduced to Theta healing, a powerful modality that enables us to heal ourselves and others using the energy of unconditional love. Fascinated by it, I decided to take the course and became a certified Theta healer. 

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Our Mission

Mischka's Miracle Foundation is dedicated to spreading awareness about the power of Theta Healing in transforming the lives of dogs battling cancer. With a focus on saving dogs suffering from this devastating disease, our foundation aims to provide hope, healing, and a brighter future for our beloved furry companions.

Theta Healing on Dogs

Theta Healing works exceptionally well on dogs because of their natural receptivity to energy, their innate ability to love unconditionally, and their absence of limiting belief systems. Dogs have a unique capacity to connect with the energetic realm and respond to healing modalities like Theta Healing without skepticism or doubt. 

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